Our Six Principles
Here are the six principles that are the foundational structure for all of our work.
1. Always Add Value
Give first. Strive to always add value to the hard working people around you. Look for ways to pitch in and help. Provide as much value as you can out in the open online.
2. Communicate Well
Communication is the bedrock for good work and a well-run organization. Err on the side of over-communication. Words and design matters. Be visually clear and comprehensive in the work that you do.
3. Be Compassionate
Compassion literally means "to suffer with". It is needed more and more these days in our fast-moving modern world. We highly value compassion in all the aspects of our business and personal lives. We need more kindness in the world.
4. Have Zero Ego
Head down, do great work. Nobody needs to sign their name on any of the Studio work. We work as a team and share the credit. Strive to always do your life's best work and just put it out there for people.
5. Strive for Pixel Perfect Work
Take the time to do it right. Make sure that everything is spelled correctly and that all design and copywriting work is done to a high level of execution. Spell things correctly and use correct grammar. Strive for pixel perfection.
6. Do No Harm
Keep a close eye out for negative externalities in business. This principle and principle 3 above of "be compassionate" are foundational principals that encourage us to stand up for people in the Gig economy who have had their incomes brutally cut.
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