Our 5 Principles
Here are the 5 principles that are the foundational structure for all of our work.
Always Add Value
is the real deal. He is one of the most kind and welcoming individuals in Silicon Valley. And he always does world class work. His 100,000 tweets and 125k follower are a testament to this. Keep an eye on Ryan going forward as he continues to big things in the world of tech. Check out his Twitter.
Communicate Well
Chuck Longmaker and the Digital Telepathy team has been doing amazing things. They are based in San Diego and crank out World Class work. Check out their awesome portfolio and all the attention to detail that went into their site. It is very impressive.Check out his Twitter.
Do No Harm
Pieter is an amazing builder. He is constantly building new digital products and he shares everything that he is doing on his Twitter account. It's been absolutely fascinating to watch as he builds a number of different companies in a very focused and efficient way as a solid founder. He has a very impressive focus on continual execution. Check out his Twitter.
Be Compassionate
I've been following the work of Teehan and Lax for many years. They did an amazing job building their studio and then were recruited to join Facebook. Luckily the Teehan and Lax site is still up. It's great getting a chance to swing by and read all their beautifully designed blog posts. Look at the attention to detail that they put in the each one of these pages. It is very inspiring. Check out his Twitter.
Zero Ego
Nobody needs to sign there name on any of the work. We work as a team. Invisibility prayer.
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